Deep Blue 80 TXL
For commercial operators and green boaters


Deep Blue 80 TXL

For commercial operators and green boaters

$ 23,999.00
plus shipping charges

Length of Shaft

Product description

  • Outboard system with tiller for steering and throttle that is 80-hp equivalent
  • A synthesis of performance and a perfectly integrated overall system with a ground-breaking safety concept that sets Deep Blue apart from all other electric drive systems on the market
  • All the components of the system are perfectly engineered to match each other and are completely watertight
  • We provide a 9-year warranty on the Deep Blue's battery capacity
  • Electric boat propulsion is not only powerful and safe, it is also a genuine commercial alternative for heavy users
  • Special group tariff from Pantaenius Yacht Insurance with improved insurance protection and lower premiums compared with the normal tariff for boats with other high-voltage drives
  • Transparent maintenance overhead. An electric drive system requires far less maintenance than comparable drive systems using fossil fuel
  • Shaft length: 51 cm (short shaft) / 63.5 cm (long shaft)

Ordering information

  • Item number: 3206-00
  • Equipment included: Outboard drive system (66 kW peak output, 80-hp equivalent) consisting of a complete outboard, connection box, charger, remote throttle, on-board computer with display, cables, long-shaft or short-shaft version (high-voltage battery not included), with tiller control
  • Warranty: 2 years on the system for non-commercial use; 9-year warranty on the battery bank
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  • Range

    Deep Blue 80 T

    with two Deep Blue High-voltage Batteries


    Speed in km/h (knots)* Range in km (nm)* Running time in hours: minutes
    Slow 7.5 (4.0) 40-120 (22-65) 05:20 - 16:00
    Full throttle 36-54 (19-29) 18-27 (10-15) 00:30

    * Depends on type of boat, load, propeller and conditions. Speed and range indications do not represent a legal guarantee.

    Range Information

    When travelling through water, displacement increases power required in proportion to the cube (third power) of the speed. This means that doubling water speed increases the power required eightfold.

    Conversely, it of course also means that only a slight reduction in speed will increase the range attainable significantly. Simply reducing speed by e.g. half a knot has a considerable effect on the remaining range.

    Since mental arithmetic to the power of three is quite tricky, the on-board computer of the Deep Blue constantly calculates the remaining range for you. To do this, it combines the consumption data from the motor with the charge level of the batteries together with the speed over water obtained via GPS. This means you can read the remaining range in real time from the Deep Blue's display. Using the TorqTrac App you can even read the remaining range from a map on your smartphone.


  • Specifications

    Technical Data Deep Blue

    Deep Blue System Deep Blue 80 RL / RXL
    Input power (peak) in kW 66
    Input power (continuous) in kW 50
    Propulsive power in kW 32.4
    Comparable petrol outboards (shaft power) 80 HP
    Maximum overall efficiency in % 54
    Integrated battery: usable energy in kWh 25.6 - 51.2
    Nominal voltage 345
    Final charging voltage 389
    Motor weight without battery, including electronics in kg 139 (L) / 145 (XL)
    Weight of 1 battery in kg 149
    Total system weight example in kg
    (long shaft version, 1 charger, including connection box, display, throttle and cabling)
    (with 2 batteries)
    Shaft length 20" / 51 cm (L)
    25" / 63.5 cm (XL)
    Standard propeller
    v = speed in km/h at p = power in watts
    Maximum propeller speed in rpm 2,400
    Control Remote throttle
    Tilting device Electric trim and tilt
    Trim device Electric trim and tilt
    Integrated on-board computer with touchscreen display Yes

    Technical Drawing



  • Video Clip

    Torqeedo Deep Blue

    The first industrially developed and manufactured electric outboard for higher performance classes.

      Torqeedo YouTube Channel


  • Tips

    Deep Blue 80 T FAQ

    • What versions are available?

      Outboard: Outboard with remote steering and throttle, available as 40- or 80-HP equivalents, various shaft lengths. Models: Deep Blue 40 RL / RXL and Deep Blue 80 RL / RXL.

      Outboard with tiller: Outboard with tiller for steering and throttle, available as 40- or 80-HP equivalents, various shaft lengths. Models: Deep Blue 40 TL/TXL and Deep Blue 80 TL/TXL.

      Inboard: Inboard with drive shaft, available as 40- or 80-HP equivalents, various motor speeds. Models: Deep Blue 40 i 1400 / 1800 and Deep Blue 80 i 1400 / 1800.

      Sail Drive: sail drive with remote throttle, available as 40 HP equivalent. Models: Deep Blue 40 SD.

    • When is it worth switching to the Deep Blue?

      Switching could make sense for you from as little as EUR 4,600 in annual fuel costs.

      Are your fuel costs higher than EUR 4,600 per year? If they are, it might be worth switching to the Deep Blue today. The Deep Blue will in any case protect you from the expected increases in fuel prices. And you will be setting an example for economic reason while showing respect for nature and demonstrating how we can retain mobility in increasingly difficult ecological conditions – more quietly, more cleanly and with greater environmental awareness.

    • What maintenance is involved?

      Transparent maintenance overhead
      An electric drive system requires far less maintenance than comparable drive systems using fossil fuel

    • What's the warranty?

      The Deep Blue has a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase for non-commercial use.


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