Abundant innovation at METS. In addition to its first hybrid drive system, Torqeedo will be showcasing further eye-catching products for the new season.

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Torqeedo, the leader in electric propulsion, is launching even more powerful drive systems to coincide with its 10th anniversary. The world leader is providing many new, really innovative ideas in other areas such as service, convenience and power generation.

With the Deep Blue Hybrid, Torqeedo will for the first time be entering the marine hybrid drive segment. The successful Deep Blue range is being expanded to include a hybrid drive system that is already in the design stage with a number of OEMs as a 40, 80 and 160-hp equivalent. An interactive presentation at the trade show will demonstrate the advantages of the Deep Blue Hybrid. The first fully integrated system acts as an energy converter for the hybrid drive as well as supplying all the power requirements on board. An additional generator is, thankfully, no longer needed since the new power supplier for refrigerator; air conditioning system etc. is silent and eco-friendly.

"We feel that the fact Deep Blue is now taking on an important role in the area of hybrid drives is the next logical development for this powerful system. Deep Blue Hybrid is proving to be extremely interesting for sailboats between 12 and 24 m and for professionally operated vessels," says founder and Managing Director Dr Christoph Ballin, explaining Torqeedo's latest innovation. "We are certain it will appeal to a large number of target groups. Since the focus in the field of hybrid drives centres around project based solutions, different lead times will need to be taken into account than for all other drive systems."

The new generation of the Cruise outboard motor is also of note. It is now even more suited to the extreme conditions of intensive commercial use and has greater resistance to seawater thanks in large to the solid aluminum housing and an aluminum-reinforced fin. This makes the outboard even more attractive for boats up to 4 tons that are in regular operation.

The Travel, Torqeedo's best-seller for tenders, dinghies and sailboats up to 1.5 tons has now been equipped with a USB adapter, enabling everything to be charged that needs charging on the move: for example smartphones, digital cameras and lamps. Furthermore, charging times have been cut dramatically: from 9 hours to 3 for the Travel 503 – and the Travel 1003 now needs just 5 hours to fully recharge its battery instead of the previous 15 hours. Another new little practical extra is the protective cover for the shaft head.

The new "Sunfold 37" solar charger, which can be attached to the Travel, is lighter, smaller and easier to handle than the previous solar charging option. The monocrystalline high-performance solar cells with 37 W nominal output power can not only supply power to the Travel's battery but also to all other 12-volt electric devices.

And TorqTrac, Torqeedo's new app for smartphone or tablet and provides better Orientation. TorqTrac shows all appropriate information on the display – the remaining range for the Ultralight 403, Travel 503 / 1003 or Cruise 2.0 / 4.0 is presented clearly on a map. Features such as waypoints and the exact calculation of arrival times ensure that you can feel much safer on the water. The app is available for all relevant iOS and Android systems. It can be connected to the outboard via Bluetooth provided the necessary Bluetooth transmitter is available.

There are other additions to the Deep Blue system family besides the hybrid drive. The powerful electric outboard motor will also be available as a tiller variant in the coming season. This is Torqeedo's response to the desire expressed by many potential customers to convert the motor for special applications.

The Deep Blue inboard can now be ordered as a 40 or 80 HP equivalent as standard with different transmission ratios (1400 and 1800 rpm).



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Doing our part to protect the world’s waters, Torqeedo partnered with River Network and Waterkeeper Alliance to bring 750 clean water advocates from around the world together in Pittsburgh, PA for River Rally. Two electric boats provided by Torqeedo dealers E Power Marine and Wing Systems supported a river cleanup that removed tons of trash from the Three Rivers, yet still had enough time to have a little fun on the water.



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Solaris sets an example for cleaner boating in one of the world’s most precious ecological reserves – the Galapagos Islands. We are proud that our motors and batteries help to make Solaris a success.



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kona Team Scarab, in conjunction with Torqeedo Motors and Ruckmarine, is pleased to announce the launch of the KONA 17' SportRIB, the first zero-emission, all-electric sport boat. The Kona debuts at the Progressive Insurance San Francisco Boat Show, January 23-26 at Pier 48 in San Francisco, California. The sport boat, powered by Torqeedo's multi-award winning Deep Blue electric outboard 40 hp system, has been integrated with the Kona 17, a modern throwback to the fun, simple family sports boat of the '60s and '70s.

"There is a great resurgence of the classic sport boat within the marketplace. Powering this with Torqeedo's propulsion system is a great alignment in both form and function for the modern boater's needs," said Larry Smith, designer, president of Team Scarab, and a name synonymous with performance boating in the US over the last 40 years.

The Deep Blue electric outboard system delivers 40 hp with one of Torqeedo's 13 kW high-powered lithium ion batteries, (also available in twin battery configuration for longer ranges). The result is a sporty feel and performance that has never been experienced with electric boats.

"Electric's instant torque means instant power, which provides the feel of sports car-type acceleration on the water," said Chris Carroll, VP of sales for Torqeedo.

The KONA 17 achieves a top speed of up to 27 mph, and cruises on-plane at 15 mph. For typical recreational usage, the KONA 17 can deliver 1-2 hours of active runtime. At no-wake speeds, the runtime is in excess of 3.5 hours. Its lithium-ion battery pack can be topped off over lunch with the on-board charger and standard 110-220 volt AC, 30 amp shore power, for extended time on the water or a quick run home. The battery can be fully recharged in just over 4 hours from 0% either at the dock or at home. Additionally, Torqeedo provides a 9-year, 80% capacity battery guarantee, providing years of carefree, economical boating.

The KONA 17 is available in 2-seat and 4-seat models. The sport boat is a high-performance runabout with two bucket seats, ideal as a couple's cruiser. The SportRIB is a 2+2 configuration with a rear bench seat, and incorporates the patent-pending SCARIB Stability System (S3), inflatable collars that increase buoyancy to allow seating for four, providing a great platform for family watersport activities. The SCARIB Stability System also provides convenient built-in fendering.

Ruckmarine will market the system to green boaters and technology enthusiasts on the West Coast starting with the launch of the product at the inaugural San Francisco Boat Show. "We have a full schedule planned for the new year, spring and into the summer. We will be displaying the boat at various shows on the West Coast and we are actively working on demo days into the spring," said Scott Ruck, owner of Ruckmarine.

For more information on this product, contact Ruckmarine Electric Sportboats, 2415-B Clement Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501. Tel: 510-816-0101; Fax: 510-864-9347. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Website: Team Scarab contact:

Contact Torqeedo Inc., 171 Erick Street Unit A-1, Crystal Lake, IL 60014. 815-444-8806; Fax: 815-444-8807. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;


Torqeedo acquires Moonwave Systems GmbH and enters the hybrid drive sector of the yachting industry

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Two of the most innovative companies in electric and hybrid drives on the water are joining forces. As a result, Torqeedo will be entering the hybrid drive sector for yachts between 40 and 70 feet.

Announcing the acquisition of Moonwave Systems GmbH, Torqeedo is expanding its product portfolio by entering the electric hybrid drive sector for yachts. A respective agreement has been signed by the management of both companies, and the acquisition will be formally announced at the Düsseldorf boat show on Saturday January the 18th.

The newly developed hybrid systems will not only provide hybrid electric propulsion, but will also power all AC and DC house loads including air conditioning and large, home-style appliances. Green energy from regeneration and solar panels will be fully integrated into the vessel’s energy management system. Yachts equipped with the new hybrid drive system can travel silently, offer joystick docking and take advantage of noiseless, environmentally friendly energy sources while at anchor.

The hybrid drive system integrates components from Torqeedo’s Deep Blue product line – winner of multiple international innovation awards – and from Moonwave Systems.

“This is a really significant step for marine hybrid systems,” says Dr. Christoph Ballin, CEO of Torqeedo GmbH. “Combining Moonwave’s state-of-the-art system developments with our high-tech propulsion systems, we can provide a fully integrated solution for propulsion and energy management. All components have been designed to work together and have been tested in a complete system-setup. For complex hybrid systems, this is extremely important.”

Stephan Schambach, Managing Director of Moonwave Systems GmbH, on the merger with the market leader in electric propulsion says: “We founded Moonwave Systems to offer the most advanced hybrid drive concept for yachts on the market. In recent months, we recognized that the best way of accomplishing that is through working with Torqeedo. We’re delighted to be realizing our concept and bringing it to market together with the team from Torqeedo.”

The products resulting from the alliance of these two clean-technology companies will initially be aimed at yacht manufacturers. Existing yachts can also be retrofitted with the new hybrid systems.

About Moonwave Systems GmbH:

  • Founded in 2012 and based in Jena, Germany
  • Moonwave Systems develops the latest drive and power supply concepts for yachts. These result in more luxury on board, more environmental friendliness, more simplicity and more independence
  • The focus of Moonwave’s research and development activities is intelligent integration and control of a range of renewable energy technologies
  • Moonwave Systems are developed for a variety of vessels, with particular focus on sailing catamarans from 40-70 feet

More information about Moonwave Systems is at



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tqo21397hSkipper Jim Greer's remarkable quest to complete the Great Loop, a circular navigation of the eastern half of the US, using only solar power, recently hit a milestone. The solar and electric powered craft has already made it more than halfway through its journey. As of mid-August, it has traversed the Oswego and Erie Canals and will soon navigate into Lake Ontario.

The over 6,600 mile journey, which Greer hopes will merit a place in the Guinness Book of World Records, relies on a dedicated four-person crew and two Torqeedo Cruise 4.0 electric outboard motors. This monumental undertaking commenced on January 11 from New Port Ritchie, Florida, where Greer and his crew began winding their way north along the Eastern seaboard. It also began with a common problem, he wanted to go for a boat ride, but didn't have enough money for fuel.

Six years in the making, Greer's visionary custom-built 45' trimaran is equipped with a set of flexible solar panels and two banks of batteries dedicated to two state-of-the-art Torqeedo electric outboards. Named Ra, after the Egyptian god of the sun, the fossil fuel-free craft achieves an average speed of around 2-1/2 mph. Speeds up to 4 mph are possible with winds and currents in the boat's favor.

"We had originally planned to be in Chicago by the end of the summer," said Danny Johnson, the expedition's first mate. Despite this, the Ra's leisurely pace "isn't a deal breaker," he added. "We still expect to make it through the colder sections of our itinerary before cold weather sets in."

As the Ra continues its slow but steady course, it will skirt states bordering Lakes Erie, Huron and Michigan before heading south along the great American rivers leading to the Gulf Coast Intercoastal Waterway. If successful, it will mark the first Great Loop performance achieved by solar power alone.

The same number of miles in a conventional power boat would require a fuel investment of over $10,000. Thanks to the Ra's electric outboards, whose batteries charge solely with sunlight, Greer and his crew expect no fuel outlay for the duration of the trip.

With a thrust equivalent to a 9.9 hp gas outboard, each Cruise 4.0 R achieves an efficiency of more than 50%. "We've been really pleased with the performance of our Torqeedo engines. In fact, I'm amazed at just how robust they are," said Johnson. Torqeedo motors are ideal for pontoons, sailboats and catamarans.

As the Ra chalks up a landmark 3,500 miles, Johnson retains enthusiasm for the adventures still to come in the second half of the solar boat's tour. "It's been a great experience so far." Armchair travelers can follow the Ra's progress at, as well as its Facebook and Twitter accounts.




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pontoon apex marineTorqeedo and Apex Marine have joined forces to combine the award-winning Deep Blue 80hp all-electric propulsion system with the new 822TT RLS Triple Tube Pontoon Boat. The 22' craft delivers an unparalleled ride experience in a leading-edge, zero-emission watercraft.

Apex Marine's compact and lightweight pontoon boats are an ideal match for electric propulsion. The triple tube design combined with Torqeedo's powerful Deep Blue allows for quicker planing and greater speeds for boaters who enjoy water sports. This boat can reach speeds of up to 25 mph. The triple tube allows the boat to carry more people and cargo and the quiet electric propulsion system offers a tranquil, nature-filled boating experience when used at cruising speed.

"Torqeedo's motors combine two innovative technologies: electric propulsion and lithium-ion batteries, and provide the most efficient and safe system ever delivered to the marine market. Clean, low-maintenance and fun, these are the marine technologies of the future and Apex wants to lead this shift," said Scott Dosson of Apex Marine. "There are plenty of customers interested in this green solution."

"When owners buy a Torqeedo electric motor, they're also buying fuel for life. There are no gas cans, no flammable fumes and little winter maintenance. Charging the battery fully only costs about $2.50 and can last you a whole day of fun on the water if planned right," said Dosson.

"We're thrilled to continue our partnership with Apex Marine," said Steve Trkla, president and general manager of Torqeedo's North America division. "There's a market for this package and not just in green lake boating. Recreational boaters looking for thrilling fun on gas lakes will get the speed and adventure they're looking for, together with the cachet of owning a cutting-edge system that's unique, incredibly well-engineered and environmentally-friendly."

"We're confident in the strength of the pontoon market," continued Trkla. "It's the strongest sector in the marine industry and baby-boomers will continue to drive that growth."

The 822TT RLS features a pair of rear-facing lounge seats, stainless steel hardware and multiple storage spots. All seats are vented for mildew prevention and easy wash-down.

The lightweight Deep Blue motor weighs only 276 lbs. while a single battery weighs 328 lbs. The lithium-ion battery comes with a 9-year capacity warranty.

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