Main switches, fuses and connectors

In Germany, regulations require the use of main switches on the electrical systems of boats to allow rapid disconnection in the event of a technical problem. Faulty contacts are the only real sources of hazards in circuits operated at less than 60 V. Contact problems may cause local overheating, with the risk of a fire. In this context, short circuit currents may also cause irreparable damage to a battery. When installing an electric motor, it is therefore not recommended to use the soldering iron or pole shoe tongs yourself.
Prefabricated cable sets, which should also include an additional fuse for protection against short circuits, represent a better alternative.

All our cable connections, switches, connectors and fuses are based on careful material selection and an uncompromising approach to quality. This approach ensures minimal power losses and high safety standards.

For the Cruise series models, we offer prefabricated cable sets with main switch, fuse and connecting cable for the series connection of two 12 V batteries. The cable sets are fully pre-assembled and equipped with high-current connectors for easy installation.

Each of our outboard motors can be safely installed in only a few minutes using the appropriate cable set and a simple spanner.

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About Torqeedo

Torqeedo is, by far, the market leader in the fast growing electric outboard motor industry. As the pioneer in the area of high-tech electromobility on water, we’ve set many new standards with our motors in comparison to all other solutions on the market since we are found in 2005.

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