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Why Torqeedo outboard motors are unique

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Here they are – the features that make our outboards so unique and powerful. This is why we have forged ahead and are now the market leader with clean electric outboard motors.

» Rare earth magnets

Instead of conventional hexaferrite magnets, Torqeedo uses rare earth magnets. These may be considerably more expensive but allow magnetic field strengths some six times higher than conventional magnets, thus providing six times more torque.

In total, the combination of rare earth magnets and external rotor design generates about 24 times as much torque (i.e. 2300% more) than a conventional brushed internal rotor motor with hexaferrite magnets of the same size. As regards power-to-weight ratio and torque-to-weight ratio, our motors therefore continue to be unmatched in the boating sector and hold world records in all the relevant power classes.p>

The outstanding torque of our motors is especially interesting for maritime applications because it means that efficient high-thrust propellers can be used.

» Electronic commutation

State-of-the-art electric motors now feature electronic commutation. This means that the alternating electric field required for the rotation of the motor is not generated by sliding contacts, or "brushes", but by electronic circuits. The main advantages of this approach are:

  • significantly higher efficiency values,
  • much higher torque values at lower battery currents,
  • longer service lives, and
  • no maintenance requirements.

By introducing electronically commutated motors in 2006, we not only played a pioneering role in the maritime sector; our Travel and Cruise models were the first consumer products in the world to be powered by electronically commutated motors in the 1 PS class and above. Nowadays, we already use fourth-generation electronically commutated motors. We both develop motors, electronic systems and commutation software ourselves and cooperate on an exclusive basis with highly reputed motor producers for the boating segment. As a result, we can always offer the best propulsion solution for a specific application.

» Outrunner Design

Normally, the rotor of an electric motor is installed internally and surrounded by the stator. In a design of this type, the magnets are located inside and the coils used to generate the electric field are installed outside. The gap where the torque is generated is located relatively far inside the motor and this classical motor design therefore develops relatively low torque. At Torqeedo, we use external rotor motors with the coils positioned inside. The rotating magnets are installed on a bell-type structure that rotates externally. The field where the torque is generated is positioned as far to the outside of the motor as possible. As a result, much higher torque is developed. In addition, the magnet installation surface on the outside is much larger, allowing the production of higher kinetic energy, with additional force in the gap per commutation step and additional torque.

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About Torqeedo

Torqeedo is, by far, the market leader in the fast growing electric outboard motor industry. As the pioneer in the area of high-tech electromobility on water, we’ve set many new standards with our motors in comparison to all other solutions on the market since we are found in 2005.

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