Top-quality propellers need top-quality motors – and vice versa

In the low power range, conventional outboard motors normally cannot be combined with high-efficiency propellers. Either, there is insufficient torque to drive large, high-pitch propellers or there is insufficient elasticity (availability of torque over a wide speed range). Especially internal combustion engines suffer from a lack of elasticity as they develop very low torque at low speeds. Propellers with high efficiencies in the most efficient engine speed range would result in the engine stalling at lower speeds. The efficiencies of propellers used with internal combustion engines in the low power range are therefore limited to 20-30 %.

Plane Propeller

To allow our motors to reap the full benefits of maximum torque and elasticity, our propellers are carefully adapted to the torque curves of the motors concerned.

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About Torqeedo

Torqeedo is, by far, the market leader in the fast growing electric outboard motor industry. As the pioneer in the area of high-tech electromobility on water, we’ve set many new standards with our motors in comparison to all other solutions on the market since we are found in 2005.

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