Thinking about the Future

When we founded Torqeedo in 2005, many buzzwords used today were not yet coined. Nobody talked about electric mobility or about cleantech. But the fundamental drivers of electric mobility were already as clear as day, even then.

An ever increasing world population, a doubling of the global middle class in our decade, limited oil with rising cost, efforts to reduce global warming and an increasing trend towards sustainable lifestyles.

This is why we at Torqeedo set out to achieve one overarching goal: to think about the future today and every day.

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Electric Drive Systems cause no Water Pollution

  • In contrast to combustion engines, Torqeedo drives do not discharge any exhaust into the water.
  • There is no water contamination as a result of refuelling.
  • No oil enters the water from a leaking cooling system.

It is for these reasons that operating combustion engines is increasingly restricted or prohibited, especially on sensitive waters. This doesn't mean, however, that you can no longer enjoy boating.

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Torqeedo Motors have an Exemplary Carbon Footprint

It's perfectly obvious that Torqeedo motors produce no exhaust gases or carbon emissions during use. What is more important is that they also offer excellent “well-to-wheel” efficiency.
A well-to-wheel analysis investigates all stages of production and energy supply for a motor ("well to wheel") to establish its carbon footprint. It provides a complete picture of the impact that a motor has on the earth's atmosphere.

  • Torqeedo drive systems conserve resources and protect the environment during production thanks to their lightweight construction.
  • In operation, it's their outstanding efficiency that ensures Torqeedo motors protect the environment and climate better than other drive systems. A Torqeedo Travel, for example, can travel more than 10 nautical miles with a battery consumption equivalent to 40 grams of petrol.
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No Smells, No Noise

Torqeedo products cause no unpleasant smells, whether in operation, during transport by car, or in storage.

  • There is no risk of pollution from leaking oil or petrol. This is practical when you place them in the boat or on the back seat of your car. Or when you wish to store them on board. Or when you want to keep your hands and clothes clean when handling the outboard.
  • Torqeedo motors are not completely silent, but they are significantly quieter than comparable combustion motors.