Main Switch, Fuses and Connectors

By law, electrical systems on boats in Germany have to be fitted with a main switch in order to shut down the circuit if technical problems arise. The only real source of danger in an electric circuit carrying less than 60 volts is faulty contacts, which can cause localised overheating and the risk of fire. Possible short-circuit currents also pose a danger in this context since they can cause irreversible damage to a battery. For this reason, when assembling an electrical motor it is not recommended that you use soldering irons and pole tip pliers. The preferable option is to use pre-assembled cable sets that, besides the main switch, should also have an additional short-circuit fuse.

We place great importance on careful material selection and uncompromising quality for all our cable connections, switches, plugs and fuses. This ensures minimum power loss and maximum standards of safety.

We offer pre-assembled cable sets with main switch, fuse and cable bridges connecting two 12 V batteries in series for our Cruise products. The cable sets are pre-assembled and are fitted with high-voltage connectors for easy mounting.

Every one of our outboards (with the exception of the DEEP BLUE high-voltage propulsion systems) can be safely mounted with the help of the appropriate cable set and a simple wrench in a matter of minutes.