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Torqeedo Best of Boats

Torqeedo Best of Boats

Torqeedo presents the world's most powerful electric outboard in serial production at the METS in Amsterdam – and sweeps the board!

The "DEEP BLUE" 80 HP electric outboard system from the Starnberg-based manufacturer Torqeedo wins the DAME Award – the boating industry's prize for the most important innovation of the year – at its début.

Amsterdam, 13/11/2012

Torqeedo is a well-known name in the boating industry. So far the Bavarian company has been recognised as the world's leading manufacturer of electric drive systems, especially in the low-powered categories – up to 8 HP. The company now intends to bring electromobility to higher-performance categories with a new 80 HP drive system – and has immediately won the prestigious DAME Award, the prize for the most important international innovation in the boating industry for the coming year.

The jury in Amsterdam justified its decision for presenting the "Overall winner of the DAME Award 2012" by stating that the new, large DEEP BLUE electric outboard from Torqeedo GmbH is an exceptional example of groundbreaking research and development — one which will bring great benefits to both the users and builders of marine craft. Through substantial financial investment Torqeedo has successfully combined two established, yet distinct technologies — the large outboard engine and electric motor — for the first time. In doing so they have created a revolutionary integrated propulsion system that is striking in its styling and highly notable for its innovation. With the launch of this truly unique product on the boating market, the designers of DEEP BLUE have presented a first-class product that offers convenience and performance and excellent value for money. Moreover, it promises to provide a cleaner, quieter and more economical boating experience for many people in the years to come.

DEEP BLUE was chosen from 155 innovative products from the marine industry from 25 countries.

According to industry experts, DEEP BLUE features typical Torqeedo benefits that have now been transferred to higher-performance categories – outstanding efficiency that draws more power and range from limited battery supplies. High level of convenience thanks in part to an on-board computer that uses GPS to calculate remaining range and display individually selectable destinations, whether they can be reached, the journey time and their direction. And finally, unique levels of safety in the field of battery technology and electronics based on standards from the automotive industry.

Torqeedo has brought off a masterstroke in forming a partnership with Johnson Controls, a global leader in automotive components and battery technology vendor. Lithium batteries from the automotive system underwent further development making them suitable for marine applications – and the DEEP BLUE system. This allows the batteries for the DEEP BLUE system to carry an impressive 9-year warranty on capacity.

Torqeedo would like to sell its DEEP BLUE system to professional users since battery costs are independent of the level of use. "Professional users whose fuel costs exceed EUR 4,500 per year should check whether the speed and range offered by DEP BLUE are sufficient for their purposes," says Torqeedo co-founder and CEO Dr Christoph Ballin. "If this is the case, it could be worthwhile for these users to switch from petrol to electric drive systems today. The fact that electric drive systems are naturally more environmentally friendly, geared to the future and much, much quieter is an added bonus."

Furthermore, owners of boats on water where the use of combustion engines is restricted or prohibited should be delighted. Industrial development and production for what is in global terms a tiny segment is hardly worthwhile, which is why custom-built drives have predominated. For the first time, DEEP BLUE offers these users an industrially developed and manufactured product with benefits in terms of price-performance, convenience and safety as Torqeedo's DEEP BLUE system was also – but not exclusively – developed for such applications.

Since DEEP BLUE is a high-voltage system delivering 325 volts of direct current, it will initially only be marketed via boatbuilders installing the system in their products. The company reveals that it has been overwhelmed with enquiries from boat manufacturers in Europe and the USA.

About Torqeedo DEEP BLUE:

  • Input power: 75 HP (55 kW)
  • Comparable petrol outboard (propulsive power): 80 HP
  • Battery capacity: 26 kWh and 52 kWh
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail prince for the motor system excluding batteries: EUR 17,999
  • Battery bank: price dependent on capacity – between EUR 28,000 (26 kWh) and EUR 56,000 (52 kWh) with capacity warranty: remaining battery capacity will still be 80 % of the original capacity after 9 years of operation (providing operating instructions are observed)

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Torqeedo presents the world's most powerful electric outboard
14 NOVEMBER 2012