Torqeedo wins the most prestigious innovation prize in the USA with DEEP BLUE as well

The new electric 80 HP DEEP BLUE outboard drive from the Starnberg manufacturer Torqeedo took the prestigious National Marine Manufacturer’s Association Innovation Award at the Miami Boat Show. With its second prize in three months, DEEP BLUE has now won the two most important innovation awards worldwide.

DEEP BLUE took the coveted DAME Award, generally considered to be the most important prize for boating equipment, at the launch of the product in the Netherlands back in November. By winning both awards, Torqeedo underscores its position as the leading vendor for electric mobility on water worldwide.

DEEP BLUE is a fully integrated electric 80 HP drive system consisting of outboard motor, lithium batteries, on-board computer with display, throttle and charger. It is the first industrially developed electric drive system for boats in this performance class and can be easily integrated into various boats.

The battery has its origins in the automotive industry and was further developed for requirements in boats. Torqeedo gives a full 9-year warranty on battery capacity, i.e. the battery will retains at least 80% of its original capacity after 9 years. This too is a first in the boating industry and catapults the economic efficiency of powerful electric drive systems to a new level.

Jury member Nigel Calder praised DEEP BLUE in Miami, "This is a drive system that's been completely developed from start to finish, from the propeller through to the battery." Torqeedo won in the Drive Technology category, where outboards, inboards and accessories compete for the coveted award.

Dr Christoph Ballin, co-founder and CEO of Torqeedo commented, "DEEP BLUE opens up new markets for electric mobility on water. Power users with high annual fuel costs, especially in the professional arena, may well find themselves paying less to travel with DEEP BLUE than with conventional petrol-driven outboards. And DEEP BLUE offers a whole new level of price/performance and price/safety for boat users on lakes placing restrictions on operating combustion engines."

The manufacturer's suggested retail price for the DEEP BLUE drive system with outboard motor, charger, on-board computer, display, throttle and cabling, excluding battery, is € 17,999. The costs for a bank of batteries depend on the number of batteries and the capacity in kilowatt hours. A 26 kWh battery bank costs € 29,800, which corresponds to € 3,840 per annum over the warranty period including interest calculated at 5 per cent.

About the NMMA Award

  • The award is presented by the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association (NMMA), the boating organisation in North America.
  • The jury is made up of prominent members of the BWI (Boat Writers International).
  • The award is presented according to the criteria differentiation, benefits for the users and manufacturers of water craft, practicability, cost efficiency and availability for the customer.
Miami Innovation Award Winner 2013
15 FEBRUARY 2013