A great start to the season – Torqeedo launches a new inboard motor together with a host of other innovative products

M. Berger
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Torqeedo Best of Boats

Torqeedo Best of Boats

Torqeedo Best of Boats

Torqeedo will be extending its range of products for the coming season, adding new motors – including the global market leader's first inboard, a cool app for even more fun and information on the water, new charging options and practical accessories.

Last season Torqeedo quite literally caused huge waves with the launch of its 80 HP Deep Blued outboard drive system. The "Deep Blue i" – inboard – is now next in line. The first high-performance drive – standards-compliant, developed as a single system and produced in series – is finally available for boats designed for inboard motors.

Besides the major benefit of everything coming from a single source, the fact that the product has been industrially engineered guarantees a professional safety concept in this segment, too. The entirely integrated complete system is attractive for private users on green waters that only allow electric drives as well as for professional users. Incidentally, in terms of price, too.

Moreover, the Deep Blue system will be available in two performance categories from 2014. In addition to the 80 HP equivalent model with input power of 60 kW, there is also smaller version, which is comparable to a 40 HP drive with input power of 30 kW. By the way, Torqeedo provides a 9-year warranty on the capacity of the integrated high-voltage batteries for both systems.

With this variety of options, the Deep Blue system is now available for a wider range of boats and applications.

A highlight for all Torqeedo users is "TorqTrac" – the new Torqeedo smartphone app. It was developed for the range of 1 to 8 HP motors, i.e. all Travel, Cruise and Ultralight models. It turns a smartphone display into a dashboard for the outboard motor. "TorqTrac" shows, for example the outboard's remaining range on a map. Some of the many other benefits include the use of waypoints, a calculation of arrival time and trip logging.

And there's more good news for all Ultralight and Travel users – the range of extras now includes a fast charger that almost halves charging times for lithium batteries.

From 2014 the Travel outboard will have its own carry bag for transport and storage. Since the Travel is a lightweight, it can easily be transported in a bag. The integrated compartments offer space for accessories and spares. You have everything in one place – meaning convenience does not

A specially adapted solar charge controller will be available for the Power 26-104 lithium battery from 2014, allowing it to be charged from the sun and more closely integrated with the on-board electric systems.

You can see all the new products that Torqeedo will be launching for the new season at the BOOT trade show, hall 10, stand E 40, in Düsseldorf 18 – 26/ 01/ 2014.