The group rate includes comprehensive cover and is at the same time very favourable – thus recognising DEEP BLUE's outstanding safety standards

Electric drive systems are gaining ground – even on water. However, a large proportion of the drive systems available in the premium performance segments do not satisfy the safety requirements for this type of system. The result is a comparatively large number of fire damage claims for yacht insurers, high premiums and limited insurance protection for owners of electric yachts with performance of 20 kW or more.

There will be an exception to this from October. PANTAENIUS, the leading specialist in yacht insurance, is offering an exclusive group rate for DEEP BLUE drive systems from the Starnberg company Torqeedo. The group rate includes cover for fire damage that is otherwise excluded from insurance protection for electric yachts when caused by the electrical system. Furthermore, the rate does not include any special risk premiums that usually have to be paid to insure electric yachts.

PANTAENIUS' group tariff recognises the industrial standard and the comprehensive safety system of Torqeedo's DEEP BLUE drive systems. Besides lithium batteries from the automotive industry, it also incorporates other safety features that are commonplace in other industries such as pilot lines and insulation monitors. Moreover, it meets boat-specific safety requirements like the exclusive use of waterproof components, the use of shock-absorbing systems for batteries and a specially developed venting system for lithium batteries.

"A large number of cases of damage to high-powered electric yachts in the last few years were the result of unsuitable components or because the individual components in the drive system did not fully match each other. DEEP BLUE is the first system that has convinced us with regard to the coherent use of suitable components and the professional coordination of the overall system. This is the reason why we are offering a special rate for this system that reflects our assessment," says Holger Flindt, Managing Director of PANTAENIUS, in explanation of the new tariff.

Dr Christoph Ballin, CEO of Torqeedo, is delighted at the solidarity shown by PANTAENIUS. "We need safety standards equal to those for combustion engines if clean electric drive systems are to gain universal acceptance. Our intention with DEEP BLUE was to show that this is also possible for high-performance electric drive systems. We are delighted that PANTAENIUS is working towards the same goals as we are, namely the introduction of higher safety standards for electric yacht drive systems."

Exclusive group rate from PANTAENIUS