Torqeedo Best of Boats

Torqeedo Best of Boats

Torqeedo Best of Boats

The "Tender 06e from powered by Deep Blue 80 from Torqeedo" is winner of the "Best for Nature" category at the BOOT & FUN in Berlin.

The elegant Tender 06e from Schweizer Designboats AG and the most powerful outboard from Torqeedo, the 80 HP equivalent Deep Blue, won the "Best of Boats" Award, which was presented for the very first time. Both are unbeatable in combination – the Tender 06e is ideal for use as a fast electric boat thanks to its enormous efficiency in the water. And no drive systems is better suited to it than Deep Blue, which is also renowned for its extraordinary high efficiency and which continues to be the only industrially developed and manufactured 80 HP electric outboard in the world one year after its launch.

The industry has a new award: BOB – Best of Boats – an international award for boats independent of any manufacturer. It is presented by leading specialist journalists from throughout Europe who have a tremendous amount of experience in testing boats and who know exactly what boat owners and enthusiasts really want.

While the usual industry awards are all about boat type, boat length and engine performance, the BOB Awards focus primarily on topics such as suitability for families and sustainability. Entries were invited for the following categories: "Best for Beginners", "Best for Family", "Best for Fun" and "Best for Nature".

A total of 166 different boats from 18 countries launched in the 2014 season were tested. 11 journalists from various countries put the boats through their paces in 333 tests in predefined conditions and declared the winners at the BOOT&FUN trade show in Berlin last week.

The "Best for Nature" Awards was presented to the concept that was judged to be the most sustainable, most environmentally friendly and the most resource-efficient. According to the definition of the BOB jury a motor boat wanting to earn the title of "Best for Nature" must not only meet the ecological aspects but also provide path-breaking and innovative ideas for the boating industry. And that's what the duo of Designboat and Torqeedo succeeded in doing so consummately, earning the Tender 06e with the Deep Blue 80 electric drive the first joint award, which was accepted personally at the ceremony by Peter Minder, Management Board President of boatbuilders Heinrich AG, and Dr Christoph Ballin, founder and CEO of Torqeedo GmbH.

The two companies have already welcomed the decision to introduce an independent prize awarded by the public in addition to those decided by the professionals, as the winners of the "Best for Nature" Award think that concepts that guarantee fun on the water and at the same time protect the environment and conserve resources will prove increasingly popular among boat users.

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