Torqeedo und Nimbus Boats kooperieren

Torqeedo und Nimbus Boats kooperieren

Torqeedo und Nimbus Boats kooperieren

Torqeedo GmbH and Nimbus Boats Sweden AB develop the world's first Coupé Cruiser with serial hybrid propulsion.

During the final leg of the Volvo Ocean Race in Gothenburg, Torqeedo GmbH and Nimbus Boats Sweden, both world leaders in their respective fields, signed a cooperative agreement to develop and introduce both all-electric and hybrid-electric cruising yachts. For the first time, luxurious Coupé Cruisers will be available for users on green lakes, a growing market segment.

The eleven-metre Nimbus 365 Coupé Cruiser, the leading Scandinavian boat builder’s best-selling product, is being prepared as a demonstration boat at Torqeedo headquarters in Gilching for deployment on Lake Starnberg, where the use of internal combustion engines is strictly limited.

The heart of the system is provided by two Deep Blue Hybrid motors – each delivering an equivalent of 80 HP. Banks of automotive grade lithium batteries provide energy for propulsion of the 6.5-tonne boat and more than 50 kWh of electric power are available also for auxiliary equipment on board. A cruising range of up to 20 nautical miles is possible without using a generator, which is always available for extended range.

The Nimbus 365 Hybrid is the perfect cruiser for lakes, canals and protected waters where a large proportion of the trip can be covered with electric propulsion, while the generator serves as a backup. The Deep Blue Hybrid system is also ideal for vessels where house loads – such as air conditioning, cooking and electronics – make up a high proportion of total power consumption. In addition to the hybrid offering, the companies have agreed to cooperate on 100% electrically propelled yachts.

This development heralds the entry of a new, more spacious class of electric boat to green lakes –with more space and power for extended trips with family and friends. The first boats will be launched in time for the coming season.

"Torqeedo has a wealth of experience in the industrial, serial production of electric propulsion systems. We have initiated our collaboration with the best partner in order to consolidate our position as the most environmentally friendly boat manufacturer," explains Jonas Göthberg, Commercial Director at Nimbus Boats Sweden.

"As a premium manufacturer with a strong commitment for sustainability, Nimbus Boats Sweden is the ideal partner for us to introduce electric and hybrid propulsion into the Coupé Cruiser segment” says Dr Christoph Ballin, founder and CEO of Torqeedo GmbH, commenting on the new partnership. “Nimbus Boats’ environmentally friendly production and hydrodynamically optimised boats are the perfect match for our Deep Blue Hybrid drives.”

The abbreviation "E-Power", standing for "environmental power", describes Nimbus Boat Sweden’s longstanding commitment to environmentally responsible and sustainable behaviour, which includes low-impact production processes and the selection of environmentally compatible materials. "We are very excited to further develop our E-Power concept, which reflects our environmental awareness, with this cooperation," says Joacim Gustavsson, Chief Designer at Nimbus Boats.



Hybrid system premieres on Coupé Cruiser
3 AUGUST 2015