„A reliable turnkey system with the backing of a single, established manufacturer“

Torqeedo’s Deep Blue Hybrid, which offers high-powered, clean electric propulsion together with complete energy management on board, was named a winner by the SAIL Magazine’s annual Pittman Innovation Awards, which recognizes outstanding innovation in new products for the sailboat market, in the systems category for 2016.

While one-off hybrid systems for boats are not new, industrial engineering, carefully matched components and a fully-tested and integrated safety system set Deep Blue Hybrid apart, as the SAIL editors reported in the award text: „What Torqeedo is offering is a reliable turnkey system with the backing of a single, established manufacturer, eliminating what has thus far proved to be a major hurdle to this kind of technology truly going mainstream.”

Torqeedo’s Deep Blue Hybrid system pairs Torqeedo’s powerful Deep Blue motors with a fully integrated, yet modular and scalable, energy management system. Clean energy is captured from the wind, sun and the spinning propellers while under sail. When necessary, modern and efficient diesel generators provide backup power. This energy is managed and delivered to power the highly efficient electric drive system and all house loads, providing the ultimate in luxury and sustainability.

SAIL Magazine, one of the leading US boating magazines, is offering its readers unbiased information on the best and most reliable products with which to outfit their sailboats. For many years, this responsibility was borne by Freeman K. Pittman, SAIL’s technical editor. To honor his memory and his life’s work, the magazine established the Freeman K. Pittman Innovation Awards, fo which SAIL’s editors roam the world’s boat shows looking for the ultimate in sailing gear innovation. SAIL Magazine is owned by Active Interest Media, one of the world’s leading consumer enthusiast media companies with more than 10 million readers in 85 countries.

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Pittman Innovation Award for Deep Blue Hybrid
22 JANUARY 2016