To start the new season, the world leader in electric boating launches several new drive systems, expanding the range of possible applications offered by the Starnberg-based company.

At boot Düsseldorf 2016, the world's largest boating and watersports trade fair which runs from 23 to 31 January, Torqeedo presents Deep Blue Hybrid. The first high-performance hybrid system with fully integrated energy management, this hybrid system is suitable for sailboats between 40 and 80 feet and other vessels.

With Deep Blue SD, Torqeedo launches the world's first electric high-performance saildrive from serial production. Its 40 HP equivalent power makes it a clean, quiet propulsion option for displacement vessels or large yachts.

The Cruise 10.0 R enters the market as the most powerful Torqeedo electric drive system using low-voltage technology. With power equivalent to a 20 HP combustion engine, the emission-free drive needs no skipper's licence in Germany and closes the gap between the Cruise 4.0 and Deep Blue 40.

The first series of Cruise pod motors with fixed pod installation now offers sailors and motorboat enthusiasts pod drives with Torqeedo’s industry-leading technology, including an available TorqTrac interface supplying all essential motor data.

In addition, there are also improved accessories in order to make sustainable mobility on the water a little bit more enticing in 2016. The new high-performance 915Wh lithium TRAVEL BATTERY offers 73% more power than previously available, integrated GPS and a USB connector to power other electric devices.

All new drives provide Torqeedo's well-known ease of operation and outstanding safety standards. Torqeedo offers its own high-performance lithium batteries, employing the same high quality standards as the automotive industry and designed for constant demanding use, as a clean source of power.

“After a short 10-year history our company, which began with a small electric outboard delivering only 2 HP of power, can now look with pride on a family of motors ranging from 1 to 80 HP from industrial serial production that represent a powerful and sustainable alternative to conventional drives. Our mission to make electric boating possible for the largest number of boat owners and sailors is gradually becoming reality,” said Christoph Ballin, co-founder and CEO of Torqeedo, at the presentation of the new products at boot Düsseldorf 2016.

Overview of motors being premièred

Torqeedo Deep Blue Hybrid
Clean electric propulsion with energy management 2.0

The Starnberg-based company makes a decisive move into new technological territory with the launch of Deep Blue Hybrid, an integrated system for yachts and large catamarans up to 80 feet or for commercially operated hybrid boats.

Deep Blue Hybrid combines Torqeedo's powerful Deep Blue drives with a fully integrated, yet modular and scalable, energy management system. Clean energy is generated by wind and solar, and, while under sail, by the rotating propellers. Efficient, modern diesel generators are used as a backup to supply additional energy when needed.

The energy managed and provided by the Deep Blue Hybrid system supplies not just the highly efficient drive system – it can be used to power all other electrical devices on board (referred to as “hotel loads”), from the air conditioning to the water maker. Torqeedo’s Deep Blue Hybrid provides large vessels with optimum sustainability and luxury.

Torqeedo Cruise 10.0 R
A powerhouse for commercial users and green waterways

The Cruise 10.0 R is the powerful new flagship of the low-voltage Cruise drive system line. With propulsive power like a 20 HP combustion engine, the newly designed motor with 12 kW peak power and 10 kW continuous power delivers performance and endurance. This makes the Cruise 10.0 R the most powerful boat motor that can be used without a licence in Germany.

In terms of performance and cost-effectiveness, the Cruise 10.0 R is a genuine alternative for commercial users of tenders, ferry boats, barges and excursion boats. The low-profile outboard with aluminium pylon operates with no need for a cooling system and is controlled by a remote throttle. A version with tiller steering is already under development.

Torqeedo Cruise Fixed Pod
Torqeedo technology for pod drives

Torqeedo has added a new range of pod motors to its Cruise line which are installed in a fixed position, as is often desired with sailboats. These models deliver powerful thrust with performance equivalent to 5, 8 or 20 HP, and, with an optional folding propeller, are the long-awaited choice of electric motor for sailboat owners. Fitted inconspicuously below water, the pod drives save space and are both lightweight and powerful. Highest efficiency ensures plenty of range.

The Cruise 4.0 FP will propel a sailboat of up to 4 tons at over 11 km/h. Motorboats use specially calculated and highly efficient Torqeedo propellers. The design ensures that there is no loss in the angular gear.

The Cruise FP series is also first class when it comes to convenience. There is minimal motor noise, even at full load, direct cooling in the water and an intelligent on-board computer with an interface for TorqTrac, the smartphone app for Torqeedo drives. Like all Cruise drive systems, the pod versions are salt water-compatible, corrosion-protected and very robust.

Deep Blue Sail Drive
The world's most powerful electric saildrive from serial production

With the Deep Blue SD, Torqeedo launches the world's first high-performance saildrive system from serial production, delivering 40 HP-equivalent power for the large luxury yacht segment. The Deep Blue SD can propel displacement vessels weighing up to 50 tons as well as large yachts at speeds of up to 18 km/h. This makes motoring completely emission-free with virtually no noise or vibration. Weighing less than 70 kg and designed without a shaft drive, Deep Blue SD is very easy to install and maintain.

Photographs of the new products and the Torqeedo product catalogue

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