Gilching, Germany (14 August 2018) - Torqeedo is pleased to announce the re-launch of Moonwave, a Gunboat 60 catamaran recently refit with the latest version of Torqeedo’s award-winning Deep Blue Hybrid system. Torqeedo's quiet, efficient and reliable electric motors make the high-tech carbon sailing yacht more independent, lighter, and more environmentally friendly.

This luxury carbon sailing yacht was upgraded with twin DEEP BLUE 25 kW electric saildrives and lithium batteries with technology by BMW i, as well as the latest version of the renewable energy generation and management system unique to Torqeedo’s Deep Blue Hybrid system.

The Deep Blue Hybrid system’s lightweight saildrives with folding propellers minimizes drag under sail, replacing a heavier retractable shaft system. In hydrogeneration mode, the propellers are activated to add energy to the system. The hydrogenerated energy can then later be used for propulsion or to supply the vessel’s hotel loads. Additionally, a state-of-the-art, 20 m2 solar photovoltaic array was designed and installed by Gochermann Solar Technology and Osprey Technical Consulting, delivering 4 kWp of solar power to both the high- and low-voltage onboard systems.

This allowed Moonwave to move from two onboard gensets down to just one and proved an important advantage on Moonwave’s first transatlantic crossing since the refit. The clean, silently generated electricity is stored in a single Deep Blue high-capacity battery which delivers plenty of power for the large consumers on board, like the water maker, washing machine and electric cooking. These automotive-grade lithium batteries have a 9-year capacity warranty and offer a vastly increased energy density, reducing weight and increasing performance even further.

“With the Deep Blue Hybrid system, we have gained reliability, autonomy and performance. Moonwave has become more than 3 tonnes lighter and a big part of this is thanks to the new Deep Blue Hybrid system and components. Now that we have so much power available with increased storage capacity and two real and efficient production systems (solar and hydrogeneration), we can enjoy all the luxurious amenities on board Moonwave without restriction or compromise. Moonwave is the living proof that there is finally a hybrid system that can be trusted. 7500NM in about 2 months, including an Atlantic crossing, and Moonwave is still steaming full power ahead, her crew still smiling and her owner is extremely happy”, said Sébastien Lafitte, captain of SY Moonwave.

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