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Torqeedo 2019
Torqeedo 2019

METS 2019

Amsterdam, Netherlands (November 18, 2019)

While we’re pleased to achieve these important milestones, Torqeedo has never been only about success as a company,” said co-founder and CEO Dr. Christoph Ballin. “Torqeedo is building the future of how people move on the water. We are driven by a vision of creating technological solutions the world has never seen to deliver a climate-neutral and more sustainable boating experience.”

The company was founded in 2005 to bring an integrated systems approach and industrial R&D and engineering to marine electric propulsion. Today, the electric mobility pioneer, with more than 200 employees, operates in over 100 countries and works with more than 2,000 sales, service and boatbuilder partners. The company’s products have been recognized with more than 20 major international awards for innovation.

Torqeedo offers a broad product line of outboards, inboards and saildrives ranging from 0.5 to 100 kW with high-capacity lithium batteries and power-management systems. Functional and innovative accessories range from on-board solar charging to smartphone applications.

Ballin noted that Torqeedo reinvests over 12 percent of its turnover on R&D every year -- a level that is comparable to Silicon Valley technology companies -- and has over 130 international and multinational patents.

“Our business strategy has been to continually push the envelope and bring state-of-the-art solutions to the marine market,” he said.

Torqeedo will launch two new motor models in 2020: a new professional-grade Ultralight motor for serious kayak anglers, and a 20-hp equivalent Cruise 10.0 T outboard with tiller steering. Also coming in 2020 are new fast chargers and new solar charge controller for the Power 48-5000 series of lithium batteries. Torqeedo’s high-power Deep Blue system is getting important improvements with quieter-than-ever outboards and seamless integration of joysticks, third-party throttles and wireless controls.

Over the past year, Torqeedo has made great strides toward taking the boating market emissionfree through projects like the world’s largest sailing yacht with an electric drive, the Spirit 111, cooperation with Nautor’s Swan and a practical solar-electric system integration for smaller sailboats on the Pogo 30. Deep Blue Hybrid is making bluewater sailing more luxurious and more sustainable through high-profile installations in Privilège and Neel sailing yachts. The ultra-quiet direct-drive Travel 1103 C was released this year to massive customer response.

Noted recreational boatbuilders like Frauscher Shipyard and Hanke & Dorsch have harnessed the power of Deep Blue 100i for planing boats, ushering in a new era of powerful electric boating on protected lakes. These 100-kW direct-drive inboard systems rely on lithium-ion batteries with BMW technology, available in 40 kWh and 10 kWh configurations. Multiple batteries may be installed for increased power and range.

Torqeedo also continued its investments in the development of advanced battery and foiling technologies. The company’s Power 48-5000 lithium battery was chosen to power the America’s Cup AC75’s foiling cant system. This critical system controls the 40-tonne hydraulic cylinders that position the composite foil arms and wings. While racing, the system controls lift, speed and stability, and ultimately the safety of the yacht and its crew. High-tech emission-free propulsion systems were also in the spotlight at the Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge, at which Torqeedo served as the event’s Technical Sponsor, and through a partnership with Foiling Week and the Multi-Purpose eFoiler Design Challenge.

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