Power 48-5000
High-performance lithium-ion battery with 5,000 Wh


Power 48-5000

High-performance lithium-ion battery with 5,000 Wh

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Product description

  • High-performance lithium battery 5,000 Wh
  • Rated voltage 44.4 V
  • Weight 36.5 kg
  • Including battery management system with integrated protection against overcharging, short circuit, deep discharge, polarity reversal, overheating and submersion
  • Waterproof to IP67

Ordering information

  • Item number: 2104-00  | EAN: 4260113695104
  • Equipment included: Power 48-5000 high-performance lithium battery 5,000 Wh (44.4 V), cable for communication with TQ- CAN
  • Warranty: 2 years for non-commercial use
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  • Power 48-5000

    Power 48-5000 High-performance Lithium Battery Power 48-5000 High-performance Lithium Battery


    A class of its own in lithium batteries for boats: 70% more energy density and 50% longer cycle life than typical lithium LiFePO4 batteries.

    With Power 48-5000, Torqeedo brings a new class of lithium batteries to the market. Based on automotive technology and BMW i battery modules, Power 48-5000 delivers industry-leading value with its combination of energy density, long service life, ISO standards compliance, and cost.

    Power 24-3500 High-performance Lithium Battery

    High-quality safety cells
    System continuously communicates all the details of the battery
    Completely Waterproof housing (IP67)
    Safe and easy to transport
    Intelligent battery management system (BMS)

    Power 48-5000 Power 48-5000


    TorqLink is Torqeedo’s advanced electronics communication system developed for Deep Blue and now available for select Cruise motors, throttles and Power 48-5000 batteries. All products marked TorqLink will communicate seamlessly at startup. A TorqLink Gateway (2217-00) allows you to include components without TorqLink in your system.


  • Specifications

    Technical Data Power 48-5000

    General features
    Capacity 5275 Wh  
    Nominal voltage 44.4 V  
    Final discharging voltage 36.0 V  
    Maximum discharge rate 200 A  
    Maximum discharge rate at nominal voltage 8,800 W  
    Weight 36.5 kg  
    Dimensions (L x H x B) 506 mm x 224 mm x 386 mm  
    Volume 31 l  
    Battery chemistry LMO-NMC  
    Benchmark information
    Energy density (weight) 145 Wh/kg  
    Energy density (volume) 160 Wh/l  
    Price-performance 1,00 EUR/Wh  
    Power density (weight) 250 W/kg  
    Power density (volume) 280 W/l  
    Lifetime data
    Cycle lifetime >3000 cycles with 80%
    discharge depth at 25°C
    result in capacity loss of approx. 20%
    Average annual capacity loss Approx. 4% at 25°C ambient temperature  
    Usage information
    Ambient temperature, discharging -10°C up to +50°C  
    Ambient temperature, charging   0°C up to +45°C  
    Ambient temperature, storage -25°C up to +60°C  
    Typical storage time at 50% SOC    
    Max. connections 1S1P or 1S2P  
    Max. quick charge 120 A  
    Protection class IP67 Waterproof, can be submerged to depth of 1 metre for 30 minutes without damage
    Battery composition
    Number of cells 12S1P BEV  
    Cell housing    
    Capacity per cell    
    Nominal voltage per cell    
    Cell connection    
    Battery management system and safety
    On-off switch Yes CAN
    Cell balancing Yes  
    High-current and short-circuit protection    
    Deep discharge protection Yes, cut-off at < 36 V  
    Protection against polarity reversal Yes  
    Individual cell voltage monitoring Yes  
    Current interruption device (CID) for each cell Yes  
    Safety vent for each cell Yes  
    Cell temperature monitoring Yes  
    Temperature monitoring of battery electronics Yes  
    Automatic shutdown in the event of submersion Yes  
    Information system
    Interface CAN  
    Electronic battery identification Yes Important for connecting multiple batteries into battery banks
    Data logging Yes Important for warranty information



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