Cruise 12.0 FP TorqLink
For sailboats up to 12 tons


Cruise 12.0 FP TorqLink

For sailboats up to 12 tons

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Product description

  • High-efficiency pod motor (fixed), 25 hp equivalent
  • TorqLink data interface - enables fast data exchange between TorqLink components without a gateway
  • Battery connection cable with waterproof battery pole terminals (IP 66) for connecting up to two Power 48-5000
  • To operate the Cruise 12.0 with more than two Power 48-5000 batteries, please contact your Torqeedo dealer
  • Please note that the engine power is reduced to 6 kW when operating with only one Power 48-5000 battery

Ordering information

  • Item number: 1283-00  | EAN: 4260113696637
  • Throttle not included - best to use with TorqLink throttle with colour display
  • Equipment included: Pod motor (fixed) with TorqLink data communication, cable set (4.5 m, 95 mm2) including main switch and v15/p10k propeller, TorqLink data cable 3 m
  • Take a look at our Cruise Info Tool for helpful information
  • Warranty: 2 years for non-commercial use
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  • California residents please click here for Prop 65 warning

  • Saildrive drive system

    Torqeedo Cruise 12.0 FP TorqLink Torqeedo Cruise 12.0 FP TorqLink


    Cruise fixed pod motors are the electric motors of choice for sailboats. All Cruise pods have a built-in GPS with an onboard computer and display with speed and input power, state of charge and remaining range, with a compact, low-drag, and lightweight pylon with advanced helical gear design. Cruise 12.0 FP is a 48-Volt, 25 horsepower-equivalent pod drive perfect for sailboats up to 12 tons.

    The Cruise 12.0 FP ships with Torqeedo’s advanced communication system, TorqLink, which allows faster and more accurate data sharing between system components.

    Cruise 12.0 FP - Benefits:

    • High-efficiency pod drive with 12,000 W input power, equivalent to a 25 HP petrol saildrive
    • Pair with Power 48-5000 for best performance and accurate range/runtime functionality
    • Hydrogeneration mode: charge your batteries while sailing
    • Smaller and lighter than combustion saildrives
    • Your choice of TorqLink throttles: TorqLink throttle with color display (1976-00) or throttle sail side mounting (1949-00) recommended
    • Minimal impact on sailing speed when optional 1945-00 folding-propeller is installed
    • Highest-grade seawater-proof aluminum for long service life, even in the harshest conditions
    • Comprehensive galvanic corrosion protection through careful matching of all materials and meticulous isolation of materials with different electrochemical properties - ships with anode set for fresh and saltwater

    Torqeedo Cruise 12.0 FP TorqLink

    Stable pylon
    made from highest-grade seawater-proof aluminum

    Waterproof to IPx9K outside the hull when completely assembled

    Extra robust
    design protects against damage from debris – wear-resistant and maintenance-free

    Maximum efficiency
    for greater performance and range

    Here you can see the
    Folding propeller v15/p10k Cruise 12.0 FP TorqLink (article-no.: 1945-00)

    Torqeedo Cruise 10.0 R Torqeedo Cruise 10.0 R

    TorqLink is Torqeedo’s advanced electronics communication system developed for Deep Blue and now available for select Cruise motors, throttles and Power 48-5000 batteries. All products marked TorqLink will communicate seamlessly at startup. A TorqLink Gateway (2217-00) allows you to include components without TorqLink in your system.


  • Specifications

    Technical Data Cruise 12.0 FP TorqLink



    Cruise 12.0 FP TorqLink
    Input power in watts 12,000
    Propulsive power in watts 6,720
    Comparable diesel inboards (propulsive power) 25 HP
    Comparable diesel inboards (thrust) 25 HP
    Maximum overall efficiency in % 56
    Static thrust in lbs* up to 405
    Integrated battery -
    Nominal voltage 48
    Final charging voltage -
    Total weight in kg 33.5
    Motor weight without battery in kg -
    Weight of integrated battery -
    Shaft length in cm -
    Standard propeller
    (v = speed in km/h at p = power in watts)
    Alternative propeller options v15/p10k Cruise 10.0 (Folding Propeller)
    Propeller Guide
    Maximum propeller speed in rpm 1,400
    Control TorqLink throttle**
    TorqLink Yes
    Steering -
    Tilting device -
    Trim device -
    Integrated on-board computer Yes
    Stepless forward/reverse drive Yes

    * Torqeedo static thrust measurement is based on internationally accepted ISO standards. Static thrust figures for conventional trolling motors are typically measured differently, which results in higher values. To compare Torqeedo static thrust data with conventional trolling motors, add approximately 50% to the Torqeedo static thrust values.

    ** not included


    Declaration of Conformity

    Technical Drawing


  • Product brochure


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    You will find all important information about the Cruise pod drives in our digital brochure. Download the PDF quickly and easily or read it conveniently online while protecting the environment.