From electric ferries forging new urban connections and rugged work boats mastering challenging conditions in seaports and coastal regions to noiseless, zero-emission coach boats redefining sailing, there are countless ways to leverage Torqeedo technology for your business. What do they all have in common? Unmistakable benefits.

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Lower carbon footprint
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Zero local emissions
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Lower fuel costs
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Going electric is a win-win-win situation: Your employees will benefit from a clean and healthy work environment; your customers and passers-by will enjoy the fresh air and the peace and quiet; and you’ll see your company’s fuel and maintenance costs plummet. We also cooperate closely with boatbuilders and OEMs to design the perfect propulsion and battery systems for their boats and customers (more info: here)

Torqeedo technology powers commercial vessels on rivers, lakes, and the open seas all over the world. Here are some key sustainable business cases our partners and customers set up with our support:

  • Urban electric waterways: Cities around the world are using electric ferries and water taxis to alleviate congested roads and reduce pollution. To put this in perspective, a diesel ferry emits as much pollution as 40 diesel buses.
  • Electric leisure boats: Vacationers want their peace and quiet. That's why global services like GoBoat use Torqeedo Cruise motors in cities from London to Melbourne. What’s more, Torqeedo powers water safaris in the jungles of Vietnam and diving tours in Papua New Guinea and on the Maldives.
  • Professional electric boats: Reliable electric motors with their lower maintenance requirements are specifically chosen by brands like the Dutch lifeboat builder Verhoef. Worldwide, marinas and ports are adopting electric RIBs for savings and sustainability. Meanwhile, XOcean and Google are deploying uncrewed surface vessels (USV) with our Cruise Pods for mapping and weather data collection.

Market interest in sustainable boating is skyrocketing. Electric propulsion systems are a powerful way for boatbuilders and OEMs to attract the boaters of tomorrow. But how to get started? Torqeedo is the trusted electrification partner of many of the world's biggest boating brands. Our institutional knowledge and technological expertise are unmatched in the marine industry. We build electric and hybrid propulsion and energy management solutions for recreational boats up to 140 feet - from powerful electric inboards for a new motorboat series to large sailboats and recreational displacement yachts. Torqeedo delivers everything you need to go electric from a single source - and is the only provider that offers such a comprehensive portfolio of complete, flexible, and modular drive and battery systems. Sounds good? Send a note! Our Customized Solutions team is happy to work with you on your electrification strategy and get you started.

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Deep Blue is a fully integrated propulsion and energy management system – customizable to meet your specific needs and engineered to meet the rigors of the commercial marine environment. All the system components from the propeller to the high-tech user interface are perfectly matched and integrated to provide emission-free, quiet, and powerful propulsion. The key components:

1 Electric motor
2 Lithium battery system,
3 Onshore power chargers,
4 System management unit,
5 Electronic throttle,
6 Display with onboard computer

Does your fleet spend more than 100 days a year on the water? If so, it's time to go electric. Just contact us for an in-depth consultation:


No matter where you want to go with your electric fleet, we’re always there to help. These are just a few reasons why many boatbuilders, shipyard owners and business people enjoy working with Torqeedo:

  • Remote diagnostics: Wireless connection for updates and diagnostics; First Response Kit to ensure minimal downtime.
  • Expert assistance: Immediate help from Torqeedo technicians and local service partners.
  • E-mail support: Schedule maintenance and remote advice by e-mail from our engineers.
  • Personalized service: On-site response within 18-48 hours if you have a Premium Service agreement.

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