Electric Boat Drives from Torqeedo

Superior technology and clean, uncompromising engines: check them out!

For more than a decade, Torqeedo has led the way in electric mobility on the water. That’s why sailors and commercial operators trust products from the market leader in electric boating. A point proved by our international press echo and many test results.

Torqeedo drives include Outboards up to 50 kW / 80 HP, Inboards up to 100 kW / 136 HP, Pod-Drives up to 12 kW / 25 HP, Saildrives up to 50 kW / 80 HP and Hybrid-Drives for yachts and commercial applications up to 200 kW / 272 HP.

We also offer market-leading battery technology, a wide range of accessories, and spare parts.


What the superior convenience of Torqeedo drive systems offer:

Simple manoeuvring. The motors don't need any idling throttle, have strong propulsive power at slow motor speeds and are extremely easy to manoeuvre thanks to their continuously adjustable forward/reverse movement.
Simple charging. From any power socket. Or – depending on the model – solar-chargeable.
So quiet. That you can converse normally on board even at full speed.
No fuel costs. Filling up? Not worth mentioning. Electric power is significantly cheaper than gasoline or diesel. “Filling up” the new Travel outboard costs about €0.30 in Germany and a full charge will drive your boat for up to 20 hours at slow speeds.
No pollution. No leaking petrol or oil, making transport a clean affair. And you no longer get your hands dirty with a Torqeedo.