Torqeedo - New Torqeedo Academy
Torqeedo - New Torqeedo Academy
Torqeedo - New Torqeedo Academy

Customer excellence throughout entire product experience.

• Industry leader announces founding of training academy

• Priority on training and education for an outstanding service network

• Specialized, technical training on Torqeedo products, systems, solutions as well as sustainable boating topics and practices – tailored to the market’s needs

• Curriculum includes design, installation, commissioning, and service for both private use and commercial applications

• The training program is available at locations all over the world

Wessling, Germany (26 October 2023) – Torqeedo GmbH today announced the launch of the Torqeedo Academy. This week marks the inaugural training for international Sales and Service Partners in the company´s headquarters in Wessling, Germany. Torqeedo CEO Fabian Bez has tapped Stefan Hirzinger, who brings 30 years of expertise in technical training development in the solar and EV industries, to lead the Academy.

“In order to ensure excellence during the entire customer journey, our partners worldwide play a fundamental role. The goal of our new Torqeedo Academy is to train all of our partners worldwide, so we make sure our best-in-class standard is met within the market. Furthermore, we aim to create a knowledge hub and community of people who together are leading the way towards a more sustainable boating industry in the near future.” Bez explained.

“The electromobility sector is a very dynamic market environment where it is enormously important to constantly develop knowledge and skills in all areas. Our industry partners, customers, and likewise Torqeedo employees are seeking opportunities to enhance their technological expertise and thus performance. As the industry leader, with more than 18 years of e-mobility experience, we are uniquely qualified to share compelling, useful electrification content.” said Bez.

The company’s global sales and service network is without parallel in the marine electric mobility sector, but Bez is still determined to professionalize and broaden the network: “The ongoing improvements in supporting our partner network are key to a completely new customer experience. Our worldwide partners play a fundamental role, and we are aware there have been times in the past when our after-sales experience has fallen short, which is why we are taking action. Our goal is not only to satisfy but to delight Torqeedo owners from the moment they decide to electrify their boat through the entire ownership experience. The Torqeedo Academy aims to educate, empower, and inspire the electric boating community, and it is only one of the many actions we have initiated to ensure customer excellence.”

Hirzinger points to the slogan of the new Torqeedo Academy: "Training Future Experts". He’s already making headway: the first Torqeedo Academy trainings for employees around the world enjoyed extremely high participation and enthusiasm.

"The first training for Service Partners is already more than full – in fact, we have almost doubled our expected registrations," said Hirzinger. "It’s gratifying to see the excitement and energy of our Service Partners about the opportunity to train at the Torqeedo Academy. They are our front lines, and their education and support is key to ensuring a top-notch user experience.”

The Torqeedo Academy currently offers technical training in person for the service network. But that is only the starting point, which forms the cornerstone for an all-encompassing knowledge hub. The market leader will additionally offer accessible, online content hosted on the Torqeedo website for Torqeedo owners, industry partners, and the general public. The content will not be limited to Torqeedo products and services but will address a wide range of sustainable boating topics and practices.

“As a pioneer in our market, we also want to address general topics in e-mobility on the water and make information more accessible to the public. By doing so, we not only enable our partners but also significantly contribute to establishing a new way of movement on the water. Marine E-mobility is not a future concept anymore, it is happening now, and we are at the forefront of this change,” added Bez.

Live, in-person trainings will also be regularly held for new and experienced Service Partners and Torqeedo dealers, supported by continuous educational opportunities available through the Service Portal. Beginning in the near future, interested parties can register online to be notified about newly released content and training opportunities through the Torqeedo Academy.

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