Torqeedo DeepBlue
Torqeedo DeepBlue
Torqeedo DeepBlue

The marine industry is preparing for another busy season as boaters take to the water.

After record-setting new boat sales in 2020, boat manufacturers are looking for ways to continue this momentum through innovation. Industry leader Torqeedo offers a simple way for builders to offer an emission-free electric option to their customers.

Torqeedo recently joined Phillip Goethe, director of project sales, on a clean, silent electric version of the K-625 by Kaiser Bootsbauer. The speedboat is a test platform installed with Deep Blue 100i 2500, which is specifically designed and constructed to power planing motorboats. The system’s reliable, easy-to-maintain direct-drive design delivers extraordinary performance at its full power range, with up to 2,700 rpm and incredible torque delivered at low rpm. The lightweight speedboat reaches top speeds of 60 km/h, planes almost instantly, and has two 40 kWh Deep Blue batteries.

Goethe said the key to developing safe, reliable and enjoyable electric boats is thinking on a holistic level. “The key to a good user experience is the system integration, which is where Torqeedo excels. From our perspective, it’s not enough to build a really good motor or a really good battery, you have to build a modular system that can take advantage of new developments in every component and operates under a proven safety and reliability concept,” he said.

“The beauty of Deep Blue is that when we build a better component the entire system becomes suitable for a wider range of boating applications. The Deep Blue 100i 2500 performs approximately like a 140-horsepower combustion engine. With increases in battery capacity, high-performance electric speedboats like the Kaiser K-625 are now a practical reality.”

Once the builder has selected the size, capacity and charging parameters for the Torqeedo system, then the art and science of boat building takes over. “Hull shape, materials selection and component placement are all critical to building a well-performing electric boat,” said Goethe. “We’re always happy to share our knowledge.”

The fully electric K-625 by Kaiser Bootsbauer

The Deep Blue family of products includes inboard, outboard and saildrive motors from 25 kW to 100 kW, batteries with technology by BMW i, and a complete energy storage and management system which allows solar integration, hydrogeneration or even a hybrid configuration with a backup diesel range extender. Deep Blue offers a variety of throttles, displays and controls, making it the only complete, modular electric drive system available on the market today. Deep Blue 100i is also available in a 900-rpm version suitable for heavy displacement vessels, water taxis and ferries.

“Once the boat is in the water, Torqeedo leverages its industry-leading institutional knowledge, remote service capabilities and global service network to support our boat builder partners and end-users,” said Goethe. ”Choosing an integrated system provider like Torqeedo really is a one-stop shop for all services.”

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Deep Blue offers a simple way for boat builders and their customers to go electric

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