Superior Convenience

Performance is best enjoyed when it’s combined with convenience. Designing convenience into electrical drive systems is a rewarding task – all system information is available in digital form and can be easily made available to you, the user. Motors and batteries can be simply switched off at the touch of a button. Individual components and entire systems can be designed to be completely waterproof. And products are easy and clean to handle and transport.

Torqeedo TorqTrac


The upgrade for your on-board computer. TorqTrac uses Bluetooth to transmit information from the data bus of your Torqeedo motor to your smartphone, where it's not just clearly displayed, it's merged with map information from Google Maps, enabling you to see in real time just how far you can still travel. You can also enter waypoints and view your expected time of arrival at your destination.

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Torqeedo Design

Lightweight Design and Practical Accessories

Sometimes convenience also means the absence of something – like less redundant and unnecessary weight. When developing Torqeedo products we focus on cutting weight – through lightweight, high-tech motors, batteries and materials and through a design that takes weight reduction seriously.

Practical accessories like carry bags make life even more convenient.

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